a unique alternative to other home builders. The way custom home building should be…

  • On time AND on budget – guaranteed.
  • Clear, accurate and competitive quotes you can count on.
  • Regular, open communication throughout the entire process.
  • State of the Art building science and technology.
  • Energy-efficient and maintenance-free design and materials.
  • Two-year work guarantee – double the industry standard.
  • A concierge experience: We handle everything, so you don’t have to.

There are two reasons we can safely guarantee we will stay on schedule. First, our 20 years of firsthand experience in the construction business has given us a clear understanding of how long a project will take. It has taught us how…
  • To successfully navigate the red tape in obtaining building permits, passing inspections, and other hassles.
  • And because we rarely use Sub-contractors WE control the timeline, and how to manage it in order to stay on track.
  • This allows us to avoid or account for things that can slow or halt the construction process.

Secondly, we accept only the amount of work we can keep up with, which allows us to stay on schedule and remain on the job until it is completed and you’re completely satisfied. In short, you’ll get an accurate forecast of how long your project will take from start to completion, with certain milestones indicated along the way.

Our Unique Philosophy

Let's face it: most businesses in this field of work are less than reliable... less than ethical... and less than attentive. We are part of the community. We take pride in and get pleasure from our relationships with customers. We do our best to conduct our business in such a way that we stay on the good side of karma. After all, whatever you do to others always comes back to you one way or another. So why not just do what's right all the time, and treat people the way you want to be treated? That's how we do business.

Often people tell us that we are so easy to work with. Our response is always the same: "Why make it difficult?"

Guaranteed Quotes You Can Count On

Our 20 years of experience insures detailed, accurate quotes you can count on. And, by the way, our rates are guaranteed in writing so you know what you're in for before we even begin.

Wouldn't you agree this is the way it should be?

And if you wish to have absolute control over the budget from the very beginning, we recommend our complete Design/Build Service where you decide exactly how much you want to spend from the start. That way, there are no surprises when you begin looking for a builder for your design. You know exactly how much it's going to cost from start to finish.

Clear Communication with the Personal Touch

We're there every step of the way-we are your personal building consultant-Our mission is to educate and to give you whatever support you need throughout the entire building process.

Your principle contact person will be myself, Dan Hendlin, - I will personally guide you throughout the entire process. I will make myself available as often as necessary to keep you up to date on the status of your project from the first conversation to move in. By the time everything is finished, our goal is to end up as friends.

Your Very Own Building Consultant

One of the ways our commitment to professionalism expresses itself is by staying up to date on building science and technology. More has changed in the last 10 years of building than in the previous 100, and we regularly read journals and attend classes, conferences, and seminars to keep up with what's happening in building science. That means you get much more than a master builder. You get an expert consultant, working with you every step of the way to ensure your project takes advantage of the latest cost-effective building technologies

Bottom line? You get a better house at a lower price.

Energy - Efficient and Maintenance-Free Options

Because of our commitment to staying up-to-date in the world of building science, we can recommend cutting-edge energy-efficient and maintenance-free options that are often LESS expensive than traditional methods and materials. We are always advocating green construction, not just because we believe in being green... but because it offers practical and cost-effective solutions. And "Green Construction" means your home is built better than the Building Code.

So again... a better house at a lower cost. What's not to like about it?

An Amazing Team

All of our workers are part of our "family" to insure we hire only the kind of people you feel comfortable inviting into your home. In fact, we've been asked several times how we managed to find such a great group of people. We've even had clients tell us they will miss us when we're gone!

We hire only from a narrow pool of trusted and "vouched for" family and friends of those we currently work with. Our desire is to work only with those of genuine integrity and a positive attitude.

In addition to our in-house employees, our subcontractors are carefully chosen to ensure they share our core values and commitment to excellence.

A Home Building Experience Without the Headaches

Let Shape & Structure remove the headaches typically associated with home construction. Simply put, we handle everything. We do everything we can to bring Common Sense -and sanity-to the entire process. No one else offers anything like it.

Nothing To Clean Up. Really!!!!!!

Did we mention we handle everything? That includes protecting your new home from the construction process... a professional cleaning at conclusion... and once all is said and done.

HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!!!!!!! Go figure.

Unprecedented Two-Year Work Guarantee

Quite frankly, our craftsmen are the best. They are committed to the highest professional standard. In fact, we are so confident in the quality of our work, that we guarantee it for a full two years-twice the industry standard. If you see any problems due to poor workmanship, we'll come out and fix it free of charge.

What we build -

The truth is we can and do build anything. We are probably the largest builder of Log Homes in the Hudson Valley but log homes represent the smallest portion of what we do. Our biggest volume is in Hybrid Modular and stick built homes the likes of which you have never seen. In order to provide our customers with the maximum value and highest quality we frequently have the "bones" built offsite in a factory. We then assemble these components onsite and add the custom finishing. We give you the benefit of our expertise and years of experience to insure the finest product at a competitive price.

Bring us your ideas and/or plans and let us help you make them real.